Fibertec and FiberRock (grp)

FiberTec® PPS

FiberTec® is a flexible, pre-preg polyester mat that consists of resins, fiberglass and special fillers. After curing by means of UV-light the FiberTec® provides high impact protection. The longwearing shield of the FiberTec® Pipe Protection System (PPS) offers optimal mechanical protection of the PE/PP-coating during horizontal directional drilling (HDD). FiberTec® PPS has made a substantial contribution to the success of more than 50 HDD’s, exceeding 25 kilometers of 6’’ to 48” pipes, worldwide, in soil structures such as gravel, rock, clay and sand. FiberTec® PPS is outstanding in field application. At location the FiberTec® PPS is easy to process, and requires only a cutting table, Stanley-knife and daylight or UV-lamps.

The successful introduction of the FiberTec® PPS in the field of HDD has triggered the development of a glass-reinforced polyester protection shield with properties that make the material even more suitable for HDD. This has resulted in FiberRock® PPS.
FiberRock® PPS
FiberRock® is a 2-component glass-reinforced polyester system that is applied on the pipe by machine. The advantages of the FiberRock® Pipe Protection System (PPS) stem from higher percentages of glass fiber and filler with longwearing properties. Moreover, the material thickness can easily be adapted. As a result, the properties of the FiberRock® PPS can be tailored to the needs of every single HDD. The mechanical pipe protection during HDD is secured by the FiberRock® PPS, especially during tough and long drillings in soils with rock and gravel.

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